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Your house is important. It’s where you live, sleep, eat, work and relax. But we often forget it’s also our biggest asset.

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At Nokkel, we believe it’s important to understand the wealth accumulated in your property as its value grows and you pay down your mortgage.

And in turn, the lifestyle options this affords you.

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Unlike most assets, you can influence the value of your home. Whether that’s a lick of paint, converting the loft or making the house more energy efficient. It all adds to the value of your property and savings.

We’re here to help you better understand your property, how to increase the value of your home and how you can use your house to improve your life.

With Nokkel, you can...

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Claim you property

Claim your free property profile

Claim your readymade free profile and enhance it and we’ll do our best to help you make more of your home.

Chat with home buyers
Connect with home buyers

Share your status

Be in control. Change your status and allow willing buyers to come to you when you’re ready, and without having to put your property on the market.

Property valuation
Property prices

Keep up-to-date on your property’s value

Keep up to date on the value of your home to help you make the right decisions, whether that’s making improvements, unlocking value or even selling.

Sell a property
Chat with potential buyers

Unlock a suite of useful notifications

Let Nokkel become your eyes and ears for your home, whether that’s updates on its value or if someone wants to get in touch.

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