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Enhance your view on holistic wealth by adding property

Nokkel integrates property into holistic wealth, as the largest and strongest component of wealth in the UK. And connects financial solutions to property needs.


At Nokkel, we believe that clients make better decisions if they have a complete understanding of their financial situation, including seeing their wealth in a single place.

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Wealth statements typically exclude accumulated property wealth or require cumbersome external validation and input.

The result? Often the biggest piece of a client’s total portfolio is little more than an afterthought asset.

That’s a tremendous waste of their property’s potential given the role property plays in defining lifetime and retirement goals not to mention the opportunity to connect to financial products and solutions whether that’s mortgages, later life lending, protection, or insurance.

Why Nokkel

We exist to integrate property into financial services.

With the right tools and information, financial institutions can improve clients’ financial decisions and ultimately their wealth, and deliver the best solutions – building deeper and more meaningful customer relationships in the process.

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Our product

Nokkel provides data rich property solutions into the financial services ecosystem through integrating...

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+ PROFILES: Intelligently consolidating data to create property profiles a client's largest financial asset(s), with integrated property wealth visuals

+ DATA: access to an ever-growing property data pool, including information that might influence product decisions (i.e. flood risk)

+ TOOLS: Integrating property engagement tools, calculators and reports that enhance long-term client relationships

+ ALERTS: Providing access to information that help trigger a timely discussion to optimise financial decisions

+ SOLUTIONS: Helping financial institutions to provide the right products and solutions to their clients

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Reasons to integrate Nokkel…

+ ENGAGEMENT: a better understanding an asset you can see and live in, and one that often defines lifetime goals

+ EDUCATION: support clients better understand one of their largest financial assets

+ ADVICE: deliver better advice through a more developed understanding of a client’s financial situation and needs

+ DISTRIBUTION: delivering financial product and solutions to address defined consumer needs

+ INNOVATION: access to leading edge, data driven technology solutions

+ AUTOMATION: replace costly and labour-intensive processes through intelligent use of data

+ CONSUMER DUTY: better understanding of a client’s financial situation, in support of better solutions and advice

FNZ & Nokkel

We work with a wide range of financial institutions, including banks, insurers, wealth and asset managers, and platforms. We can either provide independent solutions or integrate Nokkel into pre-existing platforms.

Nokkel is the exclusive provider of Property Solutions to FNZ customers and as strategic partners are working together to equip financial institutions, and their clients, with visibility over their holistic wealth. Integration of Nokkel into existing FNZ customers can be achieved with ease.

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How it works

Nokkel helps integrate “Property Equity” (i.e. property wealth) into clients’ net worth – effectively their balance sheet. Drill down into the details through an interactive “Dashboard” that provides valuable property insights. Add “Modules” that help clients make better decisions – calculators and/or tools. And provide “Products & Solutions” that address their needs.

Nokkel solution

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