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Nokkel helps homeowners to take control of their property data and make more of their homes. We also support buyers looking for a new home through information and better access to the property market.

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We help owners take control of their property wealth and data so they can do more with it – whether that’s tracking its value or developing their property profile. We also help buyers search for on and off market properties. Everything is free and there’s no catch.

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Claim your pre-existing profile for properties you own

Take control of your property data, verify ownership, add or confirm your information and set your selling status.

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See the current value or add a recent valuation

Check or update the value of your property so you’re ready to respond in case someone makes you an offer.

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Uncover interest in your property without putting it on the market

Receive a notification when someone is interested in your property and start chatting straight away.

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Save your favourite properties to a wishlist

Give your dream focus by adding categories and ratings, as well as uploading pictures of your favourite properties.

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Uncover off market properties

Express interest in a property

Once you express your interest, we will reach out directly to the owner on your behalf - no hassle.

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Chat with property owners
Contact homeowners directly

Start a conversation directly with the owner

If the owner is interested, we’ll connect you directly so you can chat freely and without any intermediaries.

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Why Nokkel

Nokkel is on a mission to change how people think about buying, selling and owning property.

We want to make buying, owning and selling easier, fairer and more transparent for all.

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