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Nokkel aims to bring property and financial solutions closer together. Our integrated solution helps you or your clients make better property decisions.

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Nokkel connects property needs with financial solutions

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Property is important. It’s where we feel safe to relax and spend time together, though it’s also one of our largest assets. However, we only really think about it when we buy, sell or remortgage, rarely with a good experience. Despite the overlap, the worlds of property and finance remain detached.

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Nokkel bridges this gap by intelligently consolidating property information and connecting financial solutions to property needs. We achieve this by integrating the Nokkel platform into the financial services ecosystem and providing consumers with an informative app.

Nokkel has already created property profiles for 28 million UK residential properties.

Why Nokkel

Nokkel is on a mission to help people make more of their property. We do this by connecting our platform into the financial service ecosystem and providing access to a free data-driven app.

"Ultimately, we want to help people understand their options, make better decisions, and unlock their property potential. Join us on this exciting journey."

Roland Whyte, CEO & Founder, Nokkel

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