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We all share a passion for changing the way people think about property, for the better. This combined with our talented team make Nokkel what it is today.

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Our mission

Intelligently consolidating data through the use of technology to help unlock property potential and allow people to make better decisions.

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What’s our story?

The idea originated more than a decade ago…

The idea

Our Founder & CEO, Roland Whyte saw his dream home and wondered how he might make that dream happen. How would he know if it was put on the market? Should he simply approach the owner, if so, how to go about it? And Nokkel was born.

The experience

Roland has a passion for property and over the years has dedicated a significant amount of his time to property, including London buy to let portfolios, bringing to life listed buildings and moving to the countryside with his family in his new dream home.

The solution

Since then, and alongside an ever increasing pool of data becoming available, Nokkel has evolved into a fully-fledged app that helps both owners and buyers make more of property.

The partner

With support from FNZ as investor and strategic partner, he created Nokkel to help solve the multitude of property related challenges and make property wealth more accessible.

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