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At Nokkel, we all share a passion for changing the way people think about property.

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Our mission

Intelligently consolidating data through the use of technology to unlock property potential and empower people to make better decisions.

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Why Nokkel

A fresh and innovative approach to the way in which we think about property that harnesses technology and makes sense of an ever-increasing pool of data.

The backdrop

Property plays such an important and multifaceted role in our lives. It’s where we live, eat, sleep, entertain and spend time with family. At the same time, it’s typically our single largest asset and forms a significant component of an individual’s wealth.

The problem

Despite its importance and relative scale, we only really think about property when it demands our attention, whether that’s buying, selling, renovating or securing a new mortgage. It doesn’t need to be like this.

The solution

An interactive and informative data-driven platform that helps both owners and buyers make better property decisions.

The partner

With support from FNZ as investor and strategic partner, Nokkel helps solve the multitude of property related challenges and makes property wealth more accessible.

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