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Nokkel helps house buyers to find their ideal homes by providing access to a deeper pool of potential properties.

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House kitchen
Property by the sea side
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External side property

On Nokkel, you can search for properties whether they are on the market or not - and see data on almost every residential property in the UK.

The valuable data includes current valuation, last sale price and information you’d typically find on a property that’s being sold like the number of bath and bedrooms, floorspace and the size of the garden.

Family house

When you are interested in a property, you can save it into your wishlist and we will notify you when the owner is ready to sell or puts their property on the market.

And if you just can’t wait, you are also able to express your interest via the app. If the owner agrees, we will connect you directly with the owner.

With Nokkel, you can...

Search property map
Property wishlist

Find fantastic properties and save your favourites to your wishlist

Keep track of your dream properties by saving pictures, categories and ratings to your wishlist, alongside relevant notes.

Property alerts
Buy a property

Get updates on the properties you want

Receive notifications when your favourite properties come on the market, or an owner wants to speak to you.

Property details
Chat with the homeowner

Express interest directly to the owner

We’ll reach out to the owner of any properties that catch your eye. If they’re interested, we’ll connect you so you can speak directly – without any intermediaries.

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